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The Royal Canin Breeders Club is designed exclusively for responsible cat breeders. Becoming a member of the Royal Canin Cat Breeders Club will give you access to many benefits.

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  • Ordering

    Easy Online Ordering

    • Purchase Royal Canin® Professional products online via the ProShop
    • Substantial savings with Breeder Club pricing
    • Order online 24/7
    • Fast & free direct delivery to your front door
    • Exclusive product promotions and free gift offers
  • Tools for New Owners

    Tools for New Owners

    Kitten recommendation kits for your new pet owners, packs include:

    • Re-useable storage box
    • Kitten Guide
    • Kitten Brush.
    • Instructions for the new owner to receive a free bag of kitten food delivered directly to them
  • Learning & Education

    Learning & Education

    • Access to a wide range scientific articles on topics including nutrition, queening and reproduction.
    • A bi-monthly eNewsletter featuring the latest product developments, exclusive offers and expert advice.
  • Exclusive Breeder Products

    Exclusive Breeder Products

    • Larger bag sizes exclusively available to breeders
    • Exclusive range for pregnant queens and kittens
Cat NZ 50

For 50 years, Royal Canin has been a pioneer in the field of cat nutrition and contributed to the wellbeing of cats through innovative, tailor-made nutrition.

We are in constant consultation with the world’s leading experts in pet health nutrition – including leading breeders like you, universities, veterinarians and the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition.

The Royal Canin® Professional products are available exclusively to Breeders Club members only. Our extensive range of precise nutritional solutions have been developed to meet the specific of cats depending on their breed, age, lifestyle and other special requirements.


I have been a breeder for over 23 years and most of that time I have used Royal Canin. I have bred 3 different breeds of cats - who all loved the Royal Canin biscuits from Kitten to Outdoor 7+. I also owned the Ashley Boarding Cattery for 12 years and found that whatever the customers fed their feline friends I could always give them Royal Canin without any negative effects. I would highly recommend Royal Canin.

Iris Baker Canterbury All Breed Cat Club
Iris Baker