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Breeders Club Membership Requirements

  • Abide by cattery and breeding standards as defined by your governing body, and in accordance with any state and federal laws, especially in relation to animal welfare
  • Abide by the Mars Animal Welfare Policy
  • Have a minimum of four cats, two of which must be breeding queens
  • Have a registered breeding prefix
  • Hold a current or financial membership with an existing, recognised national governing body which is a member of the World Cat Congress
  • Exclusively feed and recommend ROYAL CANIN®
  • Distribute Royal Canin® Kitten Recommendation Packs to each new pet owner

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I have been a breeder for over 23 years and most of that time I have used Royal Canin. I have bred 3 different breeds of cats - who all loved the Royal Canin biscuits from Kitten to Outdoor 7+. I also owned the Ashley Boarding Cattery for 12 years and found that whatever the customers fed their feline friends I could always give them Royal Canin without any negative effects. I would highly recommend Royal Canin.

Iris Baker Canterbury All Breed Cat Club
Iris Baker