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Why is Royal Canin so good? Our Breeders tell you why.

Below are some testimonials from very successful Breeders that have enjoyed the benefits of feeding Royal Canin and being a Member of our Breeders Club.

Joanna Newman

Joanna Newman

Sunset Cornish Rex New Zealand

I have used Royal Canin for my Cornish Rex cats for many years and I have been completely satisfied with all the products! The wavy coat and athletic build are the main attraction to this breed and Royal Canin keeps them looking on top of the world. The Babycat product is a great size of kibble to start the kittens on, and mine usually start eating the kibble at 4 weeks of age and progress to Kitten as they grow older.

I find the offer of kitten packs excellent because it means that my kittens are not subjected to any sudden change of diet when they go to their new homes. The kitten milk package is great, the milk formula is easy to mix and the bottles far better than what is available in stores.

Denise Grace

Denise Grace


“The Jaymlynkatz Norwegian Forest Cats love the range of Royal Canin foods available. Our kittens’ first experience of solid food includes Babycat and Kitten Instinctive pouches and the adults enjoy a range of biscuits including Sensible, Fit, and, for the show cats, we love Hair and Skin which really does seem to help the Norwegian Forest Cat coat.

The people at Jaymlynkatz love the Royal Canin Breeders’ Club for the ease of ordering and paying online and the prompt delivery. We particularly like that the price advised on the website is what we will pay and there are no freight costs. Thank you Royal Canin.”