Cat Queening

Queening is the most crucial phase in the life stage of a cat for both mothers and kittens. New Kittens will be experiencing new sights, sounds and smells. Here are some helpful tips to introduce your new kittens into the cattery and prepare you as much as possible.

You will find information on pre-birth queen behaviour, preparation prior to the queening process, afterbirth advices and issues you should be on the lookout for your pregnant queen!

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No colostrum, what about serum?

No colostrum, what about serum?
Colostrum or “the first milk” is produced by the dam and is rich in maternal antibodies. The neonate should have a first drink from the...

How to prevent disturbed delivery?

Disturbed delivery and physiological issues can happen when your queen is giving birth. How do you recognise the signs of a disturbed...

Colostrum and Immunity in Kittens

Colostrum and Immunity in Kittens
Newborn kittens are incredibly vulnerable at birth and it is during these first few hours of life that complications can occur. The risk of...