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Why is Royal Canin so good? Our Breeders tell you why.

Below are some testimonials from very successful Breeders that have enjoyed the benefits of feeding Royal Canin and being a Member of our Breeders Club.

Carolyn Cederman

Carolyn Cederman

Lanascol Irish Setters

“Thank you Royal Canin. After a brilliant year in 2014 with our Irish Setter, Fern, finishing as #1 All Breeds as well as Royal Canin Top Dog NZ, I would like to thank Royal Canin for their support and their wonderful product - Endurance 4800. This product has kept Fern’s condition and shine in her coat as well as maintaining good body weight for the whole year. We also feed Endurance 4800 to our other adult Irish Setters and Pointers at Lanascol and Robwyn. They have also kept great condition all year. I am happy to recommend these products to any of our puppy buyers.”

Sandy and Amanda Evans

Sandy & Amanda Evans


“We use Royal Canin Endurance 4800 in our Boarding Kennels, the Fox Terrier show team and for our full time farm working dogs. We feed it when dogs require a higher calorie level, especially for very energetic dogs. Our sheep dogs can have long days on the farm and Endurance 4800 is the best for keeping them working fit and in excellent condition. The dogs love the taste and we love the results.”

Karen and Ernie Leslie

Karen & Ernie Leslie

Azzaro Kennels

“We have fed Royal Canin to our own cats and dogs for the last four years, and very soon afterwards, started feeding it to all cats and dogs staying with us at Azzaro Kennels & Cattery.

Most of our dogs, who are very active and enjoy a lot of daily exercise, are fed Endurance 4800 - which we find keeps them in fantastic body condition, their coats shiny, good teeth and not always visiting our local veterinary clinic!

We carry a range of Royal Canin in our kennels and cattery, and feed all cats and dogs staying with us, the appropriate biscuit for their individual requirements.

We love the difference we see with feeding Royal Canin to long time boarder’s condition and coats. They all love the taste, and we love the deposits left in the yard and litter trays! -So easy to pick up, no loose stools!

We are passionate about feeding Royal Canin and seeing what it does for all cats and dogs, and we are very proud to be Royal Canin Ambassadors.”