Energy 4800

Dogs with very long periods of sustained activity

extended energy

Contains high fatty acids level (30%) that provides a large amount of energy that can be used gradually during endurance efforts to maximize performance of sporting and working dogs engaging in very long periods of sustained activity.

sport performance +

Supporting the healthy body of sporting and working dogs is essential in order to achieve the best performance. SPORT PERFORMANCE + is an exclusive combination of nutrients which promotes healthy articulations, supports a healthy digestive system (Highly digestible proteins (LIP), specific fibers (MOS, psyllium)), and helps to fight against free radicals due to a reinforced antioxidant cocktail (Vit E, Lutein, ß-carotene).

muscle condition

Activity increases the needs of oxygen delivery to muscles as well as the turn-over of proteins. Due to a high level of proteins (32%), ENDURANCE 4800 supports muscle oxygen delivery and contributes to maintaining muscle mass.

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